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Rift low prices

Trion Worlds provides reduced prices during this month on subscriptions for MMORPG Rift. So those who choose to prepay for 3 months will pay 11.29 euros / month for 6 months the price will be 9.29 euros / month and for one year only 7.99 euro / month.


War Inc. Battlezone beta-test

Warmongers announced that on July 18 will start open beta test for free-to-play third-person shooter War Inc. Battlezone that will be released in partnership with [a]list of games.

Created on the basis of Eclipse’s engine used by Riot Games for League of Legends, will put players in the role of mercenaries who fight in a world dominated by chaos. There will be over 140 weapons and plenty of opportunities to customize the heroes, players will participate in multiplayer matches of 8 vs. 8 or 16 vs. 16.

Also the minimum system requirements were announced:

  • OS:         Windows XP SP3
  • CPU:       Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz
  • RAM:      2GB
  • HDD:      2GB space
  • VIDEO:   nVidia 9600 or ATI 512MB
  • VIDEO:   Pixel shaders 3.0

On August 11, EA will close some servers, of some older games. On that list we can find Battlefield 2142 Demo for PC and Need for Speed Most Wanted for PC and Xbox 360.

The Decision was made because of the few players that were on those servers.

Today, Ubisoft announced the acquisition of free-to-play game developer Owlient. The team at Owlient has extensive expertise in the management of online game-playing communities, and their Howrse brand has almost two million monthly active users.

Founded in Paris in 2005 Owlient, with its 40 team members is a forerunner in creating free-to-play games. The company set itself apart for its ability to develop the expertise and technology necessary to manage and entertain an online game community.

“We are thrilled to welcome the talented team at Owlient to Ubisoft. Over the last five years they have developed an architecture dedicated to delivering and monetizing games as a service, as well as the skills of attracting and retaining online communities,” said Yves Guillemot, chief executive officer at Ubisoft. “This acquisition is the next step in the acceleration of Ubisoft’s free-to-play strategy following last year’s launch of Settlers Online, CSI Crime City and Heroes Kingdoms, as well as the recent beta launch of our ambitious title Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online.”

“Joining the Ubisoft team will allow us to accelerate our international business and to expand our expertise and our games to new platforms. It also lets us integrate our proven online services architecture with Ubisoft’s so that we can help grow their brands online,” affirmed Olivier Issaly, chief executive officer of Owlient. “We are proud of what our team has accomplished and confident that joining Ubisoft will allow us to continue that success. We’d also like to thank our shareholder Innovacom, who has accompanied the Owlient team over the years as we developed.”

Following acquisitions of Massive Entertainment, Nadeo and Quazal, Owlient represents the continuation of Ubisoft’s focus on expanding its online expertise and infrastructure in order to expand its portfolio using new online business models. The recent launch of AAA project Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online in closed beta, the enthusiasm of the TrackMania community, the success of The Settlers Online in Germany and the Uplay online services platform are the most recent realizations of this strategy.

Electronic Arts announced the acquisition of PopCap Games in a deal’s whose value could rise to $ 1.3 billion.

For the studios responsible for Bejewelled, Zuma and Plants Vs Zombies go under the umbrella of EA games industry will have to pay $ 650 million cash in August and $ 100 million in shares, and if the next two years income from PopCap games will be amounted to $ 343 million will have to pay another $ 550 million.
PopCap was founded in 2000, has about 500 employees and last year had revenues of over $ 100 million. About 3 million Facebook members play Bejeweled Blitz daily, while 792,019 prefer Zuma Blitz.

With this acquisition Electronic Arts strengthens its position as the second publisher on the Facebook, with 10 million players. The first position remains Zynga, its games are preferred by 53.6 million players.

Sony Online Entertainment today announced the first Downloadable Content (DLC) pack for DC Universe Online, “Fight for the Light.” Featuring DC Comics favorite The Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and the introduction of the game’s seventh power set – Light, the new downloadable content will be available this summer for both PC and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.

“The Green Lantern has been a mainstay for DC Comics fans for more than 60 years, and is a fan favorite among our players,” said Mark Anderson, Game Director of DC Universe Online. “We’ve listened to the feedback, and fans can now create their own Lantern-inspired characters including the use of light powers.”

In addition to the new light power set, players will also be able to interact with Green Lantern based characters and content in DC Universe Online in these all-new gameplay scenarios:

S.T.A.R. Labs – Deep within S.T.A.R Labs, Brainiac seeks to control experimental devices that will allow him to harness the power source behind the Lantern Corps’ rings. This attack throws the Lantern Corps into chaos, and players must join a fragile truce between the Green and Yellow Lantern Corps to bring the powerful devices back under STAR Labs control.

Coast City – Players must battle their way through the “City Without Fear” to Ferris Aircraft, the home of fighter ace Hal Jordan. Here they face the unbridled rage of the Red Lantern Corps in a showdown to save the city and the Universe.

Sciencells Prison – On the Green Lantern Corp’s home planet Oa, heroes will join with Guy Gardner to stop a prison break that threatens to release the most feared prisoners of the Green Lantern Corps. Villains will fight alongside Sinestro as he attempts to release the Green Lantern Corps’ greatest foes and retrieve the evil Lyssa Drak from her emerald powered prison cell.


Game Informer has made public the first details about Dishonored, a new first-person stealth / action adventure in development at a studio located in Arkan (Arx Fatalis and known for Dark Messiah of Might & Magic).

Among the team members working on the new game is Harvey Smith, who has contributed to Thief and Deus Ex titles, so the game will consist of a series of open ended missions.

Players assume the role of Corvo, killing a bodyguard jailed legendary Empress. Besides its battle skills, Corvo will use a number of supernatural powers and devices that make him a very dangerous killer. Combined with environmental elements and AI, it offers players great freedom in planning actions and for each problem there are several solutions.

Also, there will be a “chaos” system that will keep track of damage done discreetly by the players, virtual world will be changed depending on the characters without them being punished for their actions or have to chose between good/evil.

Analyst Michael Pacther expects that some Call of Duty players to choose Battlefield 3 instead of CoD Modern Warfare 3.

He also believes that if BF3 will be able to obtain a score of 90 in stock price review Activision could fall, although Modern Warfare 3 sales could exceed Black Ops (20 million).

“We expect the EA to record sales better than Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (6.5 million) and we believe that the introduction of Call of Duty Elite service (certain items will be available at extra cost) will make a small part of loyal MW players to choose BF3. ”

Surely the modernwarfare3.com website that redirects visitors to battlefield.com is not helping too much the guys from Activision.

Mass Effect 3 demo

Casey Hudson, BioWare Executive Producer, announced via Twitter that BioWare studios want to release a demo version for Mass Effect 3, more informations will be revealed soon.

Get the ultimate Mass Effect 3 experience with the N7 Digital Deluxe Edition! This exclusive and limited package includes:

• 70-page digital art book featuring hundreds of unique and gorgeous illustrations from the BioWare development team.
• Limited edition digital Mass Effect comic by Dark Horse Comics, complete with unique cover artwork.
• Exclusive 4×6 lithographic digital print featuring a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.
A full collection of in-game content that can’t be found anywhere else!
• N7 Arsenal Pack – Bring the firepower with the N7 Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, SMG, and Pistol.
• Normandy Robotic Dog companion
• Squadmate Alternate Outfit Pack – New appearances for your favorite squad members.
• N7 Hoodie – For Commander Shepard’s casual days on board the Normandy.
• Relive all the greatest moments of Mass Effect 3 with the digital soundtrack.
• Display your initiation in the N7 ranks with a collection of forum and social badges, avatars, and perks.