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Left 4 Dead 2 Dead Air DLC

Valve Software announced that the DLC Dead Air for survival-horror Left 4 Dead 2 will be released on July 22.

This is due to the 60,774 players who managed to get the achievement Stream Crosser, Valve promised that the DLC will be released earlier if until Sunday at least 20,000 players will survive a Cold Stream campaign on any difficulty level.

Currently they’re working on The Terminal and Final maps, and after testing them should be released the DLC.

Call of Duty: Elite beta test

Activision announces that beta testing Call of Duty Elite platform will start next month on July 14, participants will be selected from players of Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer who have expressed a desire to participate in the test.

It’s a fair guess that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will follow in the footsteps of last year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops, shattering sales records and bringing even more people to video games.

But it’s typically not the single player campaign, detailed here, that draws in those record-breaking numbers. While many, including myself, enjoy the Call of Duty campaigns, it’s the multiplayer that has managed to shift the Call of Duty franchise from a video game to something more akin to a sport.

People play pick-up games of Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2, even Modern Warfare, like they play games of baseball, soccer or shoot some hoops. Like it or not, consider it innovative or rehashed gameplay, the Call of Duty franchise has in many ways transcended what it is to be a video game.

So here’s your first, unofficial look at what we can expect from the bread and butter, the heart of Modern Warfare 3 when it hits this fall. Do keep in mind that while the details of the game’s single player campaign, first reported by Kotaku via inside sources and later seemingly verified with the official release of a trailer and matching levels, are likely mostly locked in stone, what is delivered with multiplayer could easily shift as the team works to polish and balance the game in the months leading up to release. Multiplayer is also often tweaked after the game hits. It also receives a number of downloadable content packs post launch. With the advent of Elite, that’s even more likely.

That being said, here’s what our inside sources are telling us is the current state of multiplayer.

The game’s multiplayer will be divided into cooperative Special Ops maps and traditional multiplayer maps. There will be no zombie modes in this game, not a surprise since zombies were introduced to the Call of Duty franchise by Treyarch and have, so far, popped up only in the Treyarch-developed games.

Special Ops will include both a survival, horde-like mode and a mission mode, with a total of a dozen maps and missions to choose from between the two.

As we’ve previously reported, there are 20 maps being worked on for Modern Warfare 3‘s multiplayer.

It is unclear how many multiplayer and Spec Ops maps and missions will come with the game and how many will be sold at a later date as add-on downloadable content.

Key to the multiplayer experience is the ability for players to level up their characters and unlock perks to modify the effectiveness of their equipment, character and enemy equipment. The multiplayer matches also include killstreaks, which are special one-time rewards that are unlocked after a player kills other players a set number of times without dying.

As could be expected, developers Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games have been working to tweak both killstreaks and perks for Modern Warfare 3.

The biggest new addition to the game that we’ve heard of so far is the creation of Team Perks. These are perks that a team can work toward to earn. It is unclear whether this will be tied to clans or some other team system, but their inclusion could help push the game into a more team-driven title, something the premium Elite service is likely to tie into.

While we don’t know the total number of team perks coming to Modern Warfare 3, we have been told four of them:

Stopping Power: Increased bullet damage.
Blast Shield: Unclear
Health Regen: Regenerate health over time.
Stun Protection: Prevent stunning from flash grenades.

New perks coming to Modern Warfare 3 include:

Blind Eye: This makes you immune to computer-controlled and player-controlled killstreaks. The pro version makes your launchers lock on faster and gives you extra bullet damage to vehicles.
Assassin: This makes you immune to UAV, thermal, and heartbeat sensors. The pro version also makes you immune to CUAV, EMP and no longer shows your name in red or the crosshair in red when you’re targeted.
Point Guard: Every two assists count as a kill towards your killstreak.
Dead Silence: You make no noise.
Recon: Gives you a special kind of radar to spot enemies, most likely. We’re not sure on this one.

We’re not clear on how many or which previous perks will be coming to the game, but it sounds like the ones that do return will do so from Modern Warfare 2, not Black Ops.

There will also be a bevy of new killstreaks to play with in multiplayer. Here’s the rundown on the latest thinking:

EMP Grenade: Temporarily takes out all area electronics.
Littlebird: A small-manned helicopter that can controlled and used to gun down enemies. [Updated]
Precision Airstrike: Calls in an airstrike on a targeted area.
Stealth bomber: Calls in a B2 Spirit to carpet bomb along a line designated by the player.
Remote Turret: A remote controlled turret.
Directional UAV: A UAV that can be directed into areas to scan for enemies.
Remote Mortar: Direct a mortar team using a zoomable camera view of the map to call in strikes.
Airdrop Trap: A booby-trapped airdrop.
Ammo Resupply: An ammo reloading airdrop.
Escort Airdrop: A protected airdrop.
Specialist Strike Package: This one remains a mystery to us.

While it’s likely that some of the killstreaks will drop out or be added in, we’ve been told that the team has decided to remove the controversial Tactical Nuke killstreak from the game.

Other tweaks being looked at by the team include making sure things like exploding barrels not counting toward a player’s killstreak tally.

We’ve also learned, unfortunately, that this latest Call of Duty still won’t support dedicated servers, instead relying on the hosted servers found in previous iterations of the game. Dedicated servers were removed from the Modern Warfare games starting with Modern Warfare 2. (Modern Warfare 3 appears to be using DemonWare for player authentication, just like with Call of Duty: Black Ops.)

We’ve been gentle so far in our revealing of what we know about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. We’ve tip-toed through the minefield of spoilers, and tried to reveal only facts anyone would want to know. That ends here.

What follows is a detailed summary of what we understand are the events of Modern Warfare 3 described to us by those in possession of dozens of images from the game, as well as voice over recordings. While we haven’t seen the game in action ourselves, we believe that the imagery and this plot description is accurate. That doesn’t mean things can’t change before release. Levels could be altered or completely cut before the game gets into your hands.

While we’re still keeping some major, pivotal moments close to our chest—let’s just say we know some things we wish we didn’t know—we’re about to lay the whole story out for you from beginning to end. Don’t read on if you want to experience the narrative of Activision’s bombshell shooter free from spoilers.

There are spoilers here. You’ve been warned.

The Campaign Settings of MW3

  • Dharmasala, India
  • New York, New York
  • A plane transporting the president of Russia
  • A town in Sierra Leone
  • London, England
  • Mogadishu, Somalia
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Paris, France
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • A castle in the Czech mountains
  • Berlin, Germany
  • The Kremlin in Moscow, Russia
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Washington. D.C.

Modern Warfare 3 opens as Modern Warfare 2 closed: The United States under siege by Russian forces, ultranationalist Vladimir Makarov on the loose, Captain John “Soap” MacTavish and Captain John Price wounded and on the run with the Russian informant known as Nikolai.

Fleeing to a safehouse in Dharmasala, India, the three are attacked by Makarov’s men. In this firefight players take on the role of Yuri, a loyalist who works for Nikolai. Their safehouse compromised, the group flee the area in a helicopter.

The game then cuts to Manhattan where Russia is launching an attack on the city from a fleet of ships parked in the Hudson River. (It appears the famous U.S.S. Intrepid may be destroyed.) The U.S. calls in Delta Force to repel the attack. You take on the role of Frost, a Delta Force operative under the command of Sandman. Your goal is to take out a jamming tower on top of the New York Stock Exchange to open the area for a U.S. counterattack.

Following the mission, Delta flies out of the city on a Blackhawk, gunning down enemy choppers as they make their way to the harbor where they have to infiltrate and take down a Russian sub which is coordinating the attack.

s the New York missions wrap up the game jumps forward in time half a year, thrusting players into the role of a Russian agent tasked with protecting the president of Russia as he flies to sign a peace treaty with the U.S. The plane is attacked by hijackers mid-air who attempt to kidnap the president and his daughter. The daughter manages to escape. The president of Russia in hand, Makarov vows to prevent a peace treaty by getting the launch codes out of the president and launching an attack against the U.S.

The game then returns us to Price, Soap and Yuri, now in Africa in a search for Makarov. They meet with a local South African arms dealer who tells them about a shipment of chemical weapons that Makarov is trying to buy. The group make their way to Sierra Leone to secure the weapons from African militia.

Next, players take on the role of an SAS operative who is tasked with stopping a delivery of weapons of mass destruction at a London dockyard. A gun battle ensues, and the agents are chased through the London subway. The mission culminates with a series of unmarked trucks exploding in front of the house of Parliament, releasing a deadly chemical agent.

Several other European cities and military bases are hit by similar terrorist attacks backed by Russia, and the death toll rises to the tens of thousands. The series of chemical attacks opens the door for a Russian military blitz strikes across the continent.

Price discovers that the South African arms dealer who tipped them off about the chemical weapons deceived them and travels to Somalia to find the man and interrogate him. Through the arms dealer, Price discovers that Makarov’s right hand man, Volk, is hiding out in Paris.

The game’s attention next shifts to Hamburg, Germany where players take on the role of a U.S. tank gunner fighting to push back a Russian advance backed by armored divisions.

As Hamburg falls, the game shifts us back to the story of Price and his crew. Now in Paris, players control Delta Force operative Frost who, with the help of the French special forces, leads an assault on Volk’s location in the underground catacombs of the city. Next, players take to the sky supporting Frost’s ground movements as a gunner in an AC-130.

After capturing and interrogating Volk, Frost learns that Makarov has a meeting in a Prague hotel. Players control Yuri as he and Soap slip into the Russian-controlled city and set-up an ambush for Makarov in a church bell tower. Makarov somehow catches wind of the trap and escapes. Soap, Yuri and Price then have to fight their way out of the city.

Yuri leads the team to one of Makarov’s headquarters in the Czech mountains and the group infiltrates the location, looking for clues. They discover that the ultranationlist has the president and is trying to get the codes out of him. Makarov has also discovered the location of the Russian president’s daughter. The group move out to Berlin to try and prevent her kidnapping. Playing as Frost, gamers must find the daughter and protect her, while making their way through war-torn Berlin. The daughter, however, is captured and flown away.

Frost next makes his way to the Kremlin where a task force of operatives attack and free the hostages, but Makarov manages to escape again.

The game’s final mission occurs in Dubai, where Yuri, Price and Sandman launch an assault on a heavily guarded hotel, eventually finding Makarov and, yes, finally killing him.

It also appears that the game may also include a post-credits level that features the burning of Washington, D. C.

The stage seems set for a passing of the torch: from player-controlled members of Task Force 141 to the new characters from Delta Force.

Analyst Jesse Divnich – Vice President of Analyst Services EEDAR – is expected that in the first year after the release, Call of Duty Elite to have between 2 and 4 million users, whom 1.5 are awaited to be subscribers until the end of the year .

He also mentions that it is very likely that a proportion between 10% and 20% of those who will acquire Modern Warfare 3 will use the service which will cost about $ 5 per month.

Also, Eric Hirshberg – CEO of Activision Publishing – revealed for The Guardian that those who choose Call of Duty Elite will be able to watch a show inspired by the Call of Duty titles, where will work more Hollywood personalities.

Those who wish to participate in the beta test of the new Call of Duty Elite service, recently announced by Activision can register now at the official site, in addition to data required by potential participants also being needed a copy of the game Call of Duty Black Ops.

Call of Duty Elite

With the presentation of a trailer, Activision reveals the new Call of Duty Elite digital platform which will be launched this autumn and will be compatible with Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3.

Some services will be provided free, but those who choose to pay the monthly fee (around $ 7) will include access to extra content packs and will be able to follow their developments and other players in multiplayer matches.

In an interview for nowgamer, the analyst Mike Hickey said that he expects that the sales for Battlefield 3 will not exceed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

According to him, by the end of the year the shooter developed by Infinity Ward will be sold in about 23 million copies, while those of EA DICE game in just 6.4 million copies.

Robert Bowling has revealed via twitter that there will not be a co-op campaign mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, this is only available for Special Ops missions and multiplayer team.

There have been some major leaks in Modern Warfare 3 and you guys should definitely check them out.

Multiplayer Maps

  • Alpha
  • Alps
  • Bootleg
  • Bravo
  • Brooklyn
  • Carbon
  • Coast
  • Dome
  • Exchange
  • Hardhat
  • Interchange
  • Lambeth
  • Meteora
  • Mogadishu
  • Paris
  • Plaza 2
  • Radar
  • Seatown
  • Underground
  • Village

Spec Ops Modes


  • Carbon
  • Dome
  • Radar
  • Seatown
  • Village


  • Civilian Rescue
  • Flood the Market Invisible Threat
  • Little Bro’s
  • Out of Africa
  • No Fly Zone
  • Wing Man