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Rift free-to-play until October 17

Trion Worlds announced that until October 17 the MMORPG Rift will be played for free.

In the last six months the game has received 5 massive updates including 3 raids, a new front for PvP, dungeons for 2 persons and more, all of which may be tested now for free.


Aion 2.6 patch

NCsoft announces that on July 28 they will introduce the 2.6 patch on the test servers for Aion and will be released as official on August 3.

It will introduce a new instance for solo players – Crucible Challenge – Empyrean Crucible group equivalent and change the difficulty of several other instances – Dark Poeta, Empyrean Crucible and Beshmundir Temple.

Also, players will be able to improve the equipment and will be able to purchase the Runaway Poppy pet that improves chances to achieve Platinum medals.

Trion Worlds provides reduced prices during this month on subscriptions for MMORPG Rift. So those who choose to prepay for 3 months will pay 11.29 euros / month for 6 months the price will be 9.29 euros / month and for one year only 7.99 euro / month.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim news

Unfortunately for fans of The Elder Scrolls, Craig Lafferty – Lead Producer Skyros – said in an interview that The Elder Scrolls V : Skyros will not have a demo version because of the scale and complexity of the game.

He also said that they will launch a series of extra content packs for Oblivion because those were very well received by the public.

Paradox Interactive sent us a list of games that will be presented at gamescom 2011 event that will be held in Koln from 17-21 August:

It is about King Arthur II – The Role-playing Wargame, a continuation of the hybrid strategy / RPG released in 2009, Crusader Kings II strategy that continues the series namesake, the Naval War RTS: Arctic Circle, Salem MMO and Magna Mundi a real time strategy with over 400 factors.

On August 4, QuakeCon 2011, the event to be held in Dallas, Tribes fans can test for the first time the new multiplayer first-person shooter Tribes: Ascend, in development at Hi-Rez Studios.

Most likely, also it will be presented a gameplay trailer and we can find the first impressions of the new title.

Hard Reset

Flying Wild Hog announced its debut game, the dark sci-fi first-person shooter, Hard Reset. The PC-exclusive title transports players to a haunting, dystopian future, with humanity on the verge of extinction, confined to its last standing city and under constant threat from the robotic hordes that aim to annihilate mankind. Hard Reset is scheduled for release in September 2011.

In the only remaining human city of Bezoar, Major Fletcher, an Army Combat Veteran and soldier of the CLN, is dragged into a conflict between two of mankind’s greatest enemies. He is to discover that nothing is what it seems to be.

Hard Reset may be Flying Wild Hog’s debut title, but the 35-person studio is comprised of veterans of Warsaw’s bustling development scene, with past experience at such renowned developers as People Can Fly, CD Projekt RED and City Interactive, where they worked on acclaimed games like Bulletstorm, Painkiller, The Witcher 2, Sniper and more. Hard Reset is built upon the studio’s own Road Hog technology, which delivers stunning visuals that bring the game’s incredible atmosphere to life.

Given the game’s rapidly approaching release date, expect much more information and footage of Hard Reset in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, visit http://hardresetgame.com and follow the game’s progress on Twitter and Facebook.

The wall has fallen, and the quarantine around Alpha County has failed. Alpha County is now open for you to explore and conquer. Explore the game universe though five levels of new missions, new crafted items and equipment, improved combat balance, five new Skill Lines, player-versus-player (PvP) objectives, improved mutation abilities and player-controlled Progress Towns.

Trinity 2

NHN Corporation announced today thatTrinity 2,a dynamic new side-scrolling action title for PC, will be part of the exciting lineup of games being shown by NHN at Gamescomin Cologne this year. Along with the AAA MMO ASTA (formerly known as Project E:st), whose European debut at the show was confirmed last week, Trinity 2 will be presented and playable in NHN’s media booth in Hall 4.1, Aisle D No,014from 17 – 19 August. Key members of the development team will also be on hand to discuss the game’s strategic elements, skill-based character growth and other features of Trinity 2 that offer an engaging experience for players and make the game a standout within the action genre.

Trinity 2 is a 3D side-scrolling online action RPG that combines dynamic action with a vibrant, finely-detailed high-tech and fantasy hybrid theme. Characters are highly customizable and can evolve into one of twelve specialized class paths, with access to a wide range of hybrid skills available for unleashing a variety of impressive attacks. With extensive PvE content, competitive PvP and strategically challenging playing fields throughout, Trinity 2 should be on the radar for all fans of action games.

Today Focus Home Interactive revealed the first images of Cities XL 2012, the newest version of the popular PC city-building simulation, which allows you to build, develop and then connect huge cities.

Cities XL 2012 allows players to become real urban planners, balancing economic & energy developments of their cities while managing transportation, housing, social services and recreational activities. Content is key to the new game, as Cities XL 2012 offers a staggering number of unique structures with over 1,000 in total.

The 60 huge 3D maps are entirely constructible and sport incredible detail. Cities XL 2012 offers more variety than any other city building-game. At the request of its fast-growing community, Cities XL 2012 is now open to modding and even features a special guide within the game to get players started. With these new tools, dedicated players can build and share their creations to their hearts’ content!

We invite you to discover the very first images of Cities XL 2012 that show off some of the new environments and construction features. A lost oasis in the middle of the harsh desert, the Cayman Islands, Lake Powell and many others are some of the stunning new playgrounds where you’ll build increasingly gigantic cities. Your cities are now visually richer than ever, with typical buildings from mountain townships or seaside resorts, but also a much bigger variety among all the building types of the game!

Cities XL 2012 will be available in October 2011 as a standalone game. It will be fully compatible with the 2011 version, so Cities XL 2011 owners can upgrade their game by downloading a special version at a discount price.