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The battle for first-person shooter supremacy may be extending beyond the battlefield. Electronic Arts will announce a premium content service for Battlefield 3 on June 4, writes Battlefieldo. The rumor comes from an “unofficial” but “reliable source,” who apparently leaked the date and first details. According to the report, signing up for the service will land players content drops. The first planned drop adds a premium knife, and new soldier and weapon camo, as well as black dog tags to the game.

Battlefieldo has more info, as well as details for new DLC. Electronic Arts has not responded to this rumor as of yet. Odds are, we won’t hear anything more until June 4, the first day of E3, which also happens to be the day of EA’s press conference.


Battlefield 3 in 3D


Once with the presentation of the new Frostbite 2 engine at GDC 2011, DICE studios revealed that the PC version of the first-person shooter Battlefield 3 will benefit of advanced functions like Deferred Shading and SRAA antialiasing, existing in DirectX 11.

In addition the title will be available in 3D stereoscopic format, and will include support for NVIDIA 3D Vision and AMD HD3D.