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The Chosen released

Snail Games announced that the free-to-play MMORPG The Chosen was officially launched.

The game takes place in ancient China and present war between the Light World and Dark World. Players can choose their character from the 6 classes available and can join one of the five factions fighting for Light World. It is also possible to form families with other players and the training of creatures to fight alongside the characters in both PvE and in PvP.

To celebrate this release, Snail Games will give those who connect to game servers a package with items for beginners and silver bonus, and by July 11 will be held a few contests that will reward those who will quickly develop their character or pet.


To celebrate 30 years since the first title was released from Ultima series, EA and BioWare Mythic offers free the RPG Ultima IV, those who wish to run the game released in 1985 also need an DOSBox emulator.