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A new trailer for Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm was released at BlizzCon 2012 so check it out guys ! New units, explosions, epic music, hot chick, epic battles, BANG BOOM stuff like that..CHECK IT OOOUUTTTT !

Stronghold 3 release date set

Firefly Studios announced that the release date for Stronghold 3 was set for October 25.

“We want to thank the fans for the patience they had and we assure them that we realized something exceptional. It is the best game in the series and includes the elements of previous titles and new features such as sieges, night and new graphics engine, “said Simon Bradbury – Firefly Studios lead designer.

Blizzard replaced the previously available StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty demo with the recently launched StarCraft II: Starter Edition. StarCraft II: Starter Edition allows anyone to play the following content for free (all you need is a account and Internet connection):

  • The first four missions of the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty single-player campaign, including Mar Sara 1-3 and the choice to embark on Tychus’s first mission or Dr. Hansen’s first mission.
  •     The first two Challenges: Tactical Command and Covert Ops.
  •     Access to the terran race in Custom Games and Single-Player vs. AI.
  •     Access to the following custom maps (map selection may rotate over time):
  •     Xel’Naga Caverns
  •     Shattered Temple
  •     Discord IV
  •     High Orbit

Read the full announcement here.

Starcraft II Season 3 soon announced that regional communities StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty will be merged, making it help players find multiplayer matches faster suitable for their skills.

Thus, with the start of Season 3, regions will be merged as follows: Europe with Russia, North America with Latin America and Taiwan with Korea.

A video and a gameplay for StarCraft II : Heart of the Swarm were released. Check them out.

Some Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm screenshots were released. Check them out below.


Focus Home Interactive is pleased to unveil the first images of Confrontation, the video game adaptation of the fantasy miniature wargame by Rackham. Developed exclusively for PC by Cyanide Studio (Blood Bowl & A Game of Thrones), Confrontation is an incredible real-time strategy game with the classic role playing elements that have made the series popular on a global scale.

The game is set in the fantastic and original universe of Confrontation, Aarklash. As the Age of Rag’narok is approaching, four factions are fighting for their own cause and struggling for domination over the land: the brutal Orcs of the Tree-Spirit, the ferocious Wolfen packs, the fearsome Griffon warriors or the terrifying creatures of the Scorpion.

With a core focus on strategy, Confrontation challenges players to lead a squad of elite soldiers, helping them evolve into a unit that is equal parts brain and brawn. Recruit, develop and equip your squadron and the powerful allies that fight by your side; establish new strategies to destroy your enemies! Careful management of your units, their powers and equipment, as well as clever use of your environment will get you through near-death situations and lead you to epic victory!

Anno 2070

Today, Ubisoft announced Anno 2070, the latest iteration of the award-winning real-time strategy and simulation franchise. Set to release in Winter 2011 for PC, Anno 2070 moves the Anno franchise into a new era, taking players into a world inspired by today’s challenges and tomorrow’s technologies.

Developed by Related Designs in collaboration with Blue Byte, Anno 2070 takes place in a near-future environment where climate change has forced humanity to adapt to rising sea levels that have left stretches of once-fertile land completely inhospitable. Players need to master new technologies while facing numerous ecological challenges to build their empires. Anno 2070 offers players the ability to be architects of the future and create the world of tomorrow.

“Anno 2070 is a very ambitious game that will feel both familiar and fresh to fans of the series,” said Adam Novickas, director of marketing at Ubisoft. “Due to the game’s futuristic setting, the development team wasn’t restricted by historical boundaries and was able to dream bigger than ever before. It’s a new take on a great franchise that both newcomers and longtime fans will love.”

Key Features of Anno 2070:
• A new era: while adhering to the fundamentals that made the Anno franchise a success, the near-future setting will bring numerous new gameplay mechanics, architectural breakthroughs, and all new challenges. Additionally, players will be able to build massive cities, the scope of which has never been seen in prior Anno games.

• A dynamic world: the world of Anno 2070 will evolve differently depending on each player’s playing style and choices. Players’ decisions will have an impact on the environment, the architectural look of their world, and the needs of their populations, leading them to refine and better understand the impact of their personal approaches to managing the world’s resources.

• Factions: players will be able to select between two factions when building their empires. Players can choose between an industrial and efficient course by joining the Tycoons or a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly direction by siding with the Ecos.

o Rich and varied game modes:
o Single player campaign: a story-driven single player mode with a deep variety of challenges.
o Single player “continuous mode”: the renowned endless game mode where the objective is to build the biggest
o vilization possible without time constraints.
o Multiplayer and Online features: Anno 2070 will include innovative online modes offering players brand new possibilities to get in touch with gamers all around the world.

• Outstanding graphics: A new version of the game engine, developed specifically by Related Designs for Anno 2070, allows the game to deliver a breathtaking visual experience never before seen in the Anno franchise.

Steel Legions beta testing open

Steel Legions, the free strategy browser game from Splitscreen Studios, launches its open beta today. Numerous new features have been implemented in recent weeks and more additions are planned – now users can put their strategic skills to the test and win the smouldering conflict for themselves.

In Steel Legions, four mighty empires fight for control over resources that are growing ever scarcer – steel, steam, and oil play a crucial role in the battle for victory. Along with new chassis, drive modules, armour, and a variety of weapons, additional components can now be used to expand the heavy-weight war colossi, each of which is controlled by half a dozen brave men and women, into even deadlier machines. In addition, more mission types are now available, offering more opportunities in the merciless battles against rival empires. Tactical weapons can now also be used to alter the landscape briefly in order to secure a crucial advantage for recruits in battles in rough terrain. A dynamic tutorial and a new interface round out the list of new features.

For the launch of the open beta phase, Splitscreen Studios has not only heavily reduced all premium currency packages, but newcomers to the war will also receive an additional bonus. Furthermore, the entire state of the game will be reset to guarantee everyone a starting point with equal chances. Of course, the participants in the closed beta will have all of their premium currency returned to them.

For those who want to try the beta, register on the official website.

Stronghold 3

Game: Stronghold 3

Developer: Firefly Studios

Publisher: SouthPeak Games

Available On: PC

Stronghold 3 builds upon the phenomenal success of its predecessors with numerous game-play elements including:

  • Improved building system allowing unprecedented levels of realism and intricacy in castle and village design
  • Realistic physics and cutting-edge graphics bring siege warfare to life in stunning detail
  • Story-driven gameplay engages players across two campaigns: combat or economic
  • Dramatic nighttime sieges add a new dimension to the Stronghold franchise
  • Besiege other players’ castles or defend your own in a range of action-packed online multiplayer modes
  • Play through accurately re-created sieges from the pages of history. Will you succeed where others failed? building – the foundation of the franchise – has been significantly improved, providing players with unprecedented control over the placement of buildings.This allows them to create their kingdom with a precision that compliments their carefully planned tactics. What’s more, village planning is no longer confined to a grid system; players can now create castle walls that flow gracefully… until they’re blasted to pieces by the enemy.

On top of Stronghold 3’s innovations in castle construction, night sieges have been introduced, opening up a range of new possibilities and tactics. Players will have to hunt enemy soldiers cloaked in darkness and carefully choose their weapons in order to survive the dark hours.

A new state-of-the-art graphics engine lets you view your buildings in stunning detail. From villagers going about their everyday lives, to soldiers preparing for war or people suffering from the plague, players are given a highly-detailed snapshot of medieval life.

Additionally, a refined physics engine with procedural destruction adds intensity and drama to siege warfare as you watch your castle – or that of your enemy –crumble into ruin before your eyes.

Release Date: Summer 2011