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Atari has revealed a new Test Drive game series that unlike the last two Unlimited titles will not be conducted in an open-world tropical decor, but the circuit.

Entitled Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends will present history in motorsports, including F1 events, rally or GT racing championship. Players will have over 50 hot rods Ferrari that will faithfully reproduce both the exterior and interior.

The game will be released for PC and consoles this spring.


DiRT Showdown

Codemasters announced that in May of next year will be released for PC and console title in the DiRT series entitled DiRT Showdown.

It will offer to the fans a new experience by adopting a game more oriented towards arcade style racing, players can certainly use systems to NOS, Demolition Derby to attend events or demonstrations of skill.

There will be a wide range of cars in all classes, from muscle cars to pickup trucks, vans and off-road to electric vehicles.

Competitions will be held both day and night, different weather conditions, players will drive from San Francisco to Miami, London and Tokyo to participate in the 4 major competitions.

For multiplayer will be introduced two modes: 8 players online or local split-screen.


With the launch of a teaser website, Swedish Simbin Studios have made ​​clear that they working on racing simulator GTR 3, a wholly new game series, more details will be revealed on December 15.

Atari plans to release in February 2012 a new DLC for open-world racing game Test Drive Unlimited 2.

Will be introduced three motorcycles – Ducati Desmosedici RR (mA1), Ducati Diavel Carbon (mA1), Harley Davidson Fatboy Lo (mA2) -, 3 new multiplayer racing every week, 6 cars – Corvette ZR1, F599XX, Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR, Ferrari 250 GTO, Ferrari F40, Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series – new sets of clothes and furniture and some improvements in some aspects of the game.

in 2006 FlatOut 2 was named by IGN the best racing game of the year, so it was natural that arcade racer series to continue.

Strategy First announces that on December 13 they will launch FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction, developed by Team 6 studios on a new engine. This enables each circuit to have over 20,000 items that can be destroyed and damage of 47 vehicles will show a more realistic manner.

There will be available 9 game modes that account for 50 different events, racing will take place in 10 areas with 62 circuits.

Also, there will be 8 multiplayer modes with support for up to 16 players and a Destruction Derby for 24 players.

Bang Bang Racing

Digital Reality Studios informs us that they started working on arcade racing game Bang Bang Racing that will be released soon for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Because of the “friendly” graphics the title is open to all categories of players that will compete in nine circuits located in exotic places at the wheel of one of the 20 hot rods, each available in 8 colors.

Also, the game will benefit from a split screen multiplayer for up to 4 players.

Test Drive: Ferrari

Bigben Interactive announces that on 30 March will be released in Europe the automobile simulator Test Drive: Ferrari, the twentieth title of the series.

Although there weren’t offered more information, rumors seem to indicate that it would be developed by Slightly Mad Studios, also responsible for Need for Speed ​​Shift, which would have rights to create a game Ferrari.

Co-op for F1 2011

Through the latest dev diary, Codemasters has revealed that in F1 2011 will be available a Co-op Championship.

Available online, it will allow two players to compete for the same team of Formula 1 in an attempt to get the supreme title.

F1 Online

Codemasters announced that they work on developing a browser based game free-to-play F1 Online will be launched early next year.

Will be present all the teams, drivers and circuits of the Formula 1 World Championship, players will participate in races and in addition they will handle the management of the team they belong to.

Title will be created based on the Unity engine and races will run from top down perspective.

TrackMania2 Canyon beta test

Nadeo announced that on August 17 will start the beta testing for TrackMania2 Canyon multiplayer, a sequel of the game released in 2003, access will be provided to those preordered the Title

This will include ManiaPlanet suite that offers social networking, matchmacking and ranking system, and tools for editing maps.