DICE has provided detailed informations about multiplayer modes to be present in first-person shooter Battlefield 3.

Therefore in the release day will be available 9 maps that can be played in 5 multiplayer modes, Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch Squad, Rush, Rush and Conquest Squad.

In Team Deathmatch two teams of 12 players will face each other.

Squad Deathmatch will send four teams of four players and includes a IFV – Infantry Fighting Vehicle – that an engineer will have to deal with constantly.

Rush Mode is known to the fans of Bad Company. Attackers will have to advance on the map and to detonate M-COM stations to go ahead and get respawn tickets. There is a difference to the way of Bad Company, M-COM towers can no longer be destroyed by gunfire or grenades. In this mode, will face two teams of 32 players and every vehicle from the game will be available.

Squad Rush mode is a modified version of the above. The rules remain unchanged, but the battles will go only between infantry troops, each team having four members. There will also be only two bases, each with a single M-COM.

Conquest is the classic game type where an object has to be captured and defended, battles will take place on huge maps between teams of 32 or 64 players. All vehicles will be available in the game, if the team runs out of respawn tickets that you will lose the fight.