Game Informer has made public the first details about Dishonored, a new first-person stealth / action adventure in development at a studio located in Arkan (Arx Fatalis and known for Dark Messiah of Might & Magic).

Among the team members working on the new game is Harvey Smith, who has contributed to Thief and Deus Ex titles, so the game will consist of a series of open ended missions.

Players assume the role of Corvo, killing a bodyguard jailed legendary Empress. Besides its battle skills, Corvo will use a number of supernatural powers and devices that make him a very dangerous killer. Combined with environmental elements and AI, it offers players great freedom in planning actions and for each problem there are several solutions.

Also, there will be a “chaos” system that will keep track of damage done discreetly by the players, virtual world will be changed depending on the characters without them being punished for their actions or have to chose between good/evil.