RIFT players have less than a week to prepare for the most extensive, feature-rich game update since the MMORPG first launched in March. To be officially unveiled with the “Waves of Madness” world event on June 22nd, RIFT 1.3 pushes the boundaries of subscribers’ content expectations with a host of fresh additions including free character transfers to select servers, Guild Banks, new item sets, fashionable character accessories, new artifacts, and Hammerknell – a multi-winged, 20-player raid that will challenge even the most practiced players. The patch will go live on European servers June 23rd.

As the world event progresses, fearless Ascended will be called to Moonshade Highlands where the doors to the ancient fortress city of Hammerknell are under attack from the forces of Water and Death intent on waking a terrible evil. After opening, the raid zone beckons players into its depths where incredible treasure and inevitable insanity await. With three separate wings, 10 bosses, and a host of terrifying monstrosities, Hammerknell will be without a doubt the single most challenging piece of playable content in Telara.