At E3 2011 Electronic Arts offered a live demo of the multiplayer mode Rush from Battlefield 3, where players will have to carry out a series of missions consisting in capture or defend targets.

The type of soldiers known from previous series have had some changes. The Assault class was combined with the Medic class, both combatants are now equipped with assault weapons (M16 Assault Rifle) and the first aid kits and defibrillators.

The Support class is now equipped with a heavy machine gun that can be mounted almost anywhere and can be used to shoot intimidation bursts (suppressing fire), which affects the enemy.

Engineers now have among the repair kit, a rocket launcer and a flashlight that can be mounted on M4 rifle and can blind the enemy for awhile.

They also included a new game option which is the customization of tags (dog tags) which may be lost if the enemy will kill you with their knife.

Also, if in Bad Company 2 the buildings could be completely destroyed pretty fast, now the buildings can be torn in pieces such as exterior walls of houses and blocks, where enemies can hide.

In conclusion, the presence of objective and specialized classes, BF3 gives the impression that battles are more tactical than those from Modern Warfare 3.