In addition to presentation of the first trailer, Human Head Studios revealed at E3 2011 new informations about first-person shooter Prey 2.

Although it is continuation, the story of Prey 2 will have starring Killian Samuels, a U.S. Marshall aboard the plane that crashes on the first sphere of Prey, he was later captured by aliens.

Action will begin a few years later, on planet Exodus, where Killian became a famous bounty hunter, believing that he is the only man in this corner of the universe. He will meet with Domasi “Tommy” Tawodi (hero of the first Prey), with who apparently worked some time ago, but he doesn’t remember, his mission became to find out what actually happened in those years.

Prey 2 will not have multiplayer, but the single-player mode will be open world, with players having the freedom to choose when and what missions to perform with about 20 gadgets available with over 40 improvements. Also, the game will include a cover system and possibilities for shifting (similar to those in Mirror’s Edge), Killian can slide under the edges of obstacles or buildings used for difficult jumping.

Although they have not provided a specific release date, the producers said that Prey 2 will be available on store shelves in 2012 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.