Game: Warm Gun

Developer: Emotional Robots

Publisher: Emotional Robots

Available On: PC

A futuristic wild west, Warm Gun combines the favorite motifs of the classic western genre with scraps of an obliterated technocracy.

World War III has been fought to the tipping point and ecologists long unheeded cries have been silenced by the grim truth of their predictions. To the last drop of oil have the worlds resources been depleted, and only sporadic traces of modern structure can be sifted in the dust. Time ticks forward, but humans must retrace their advancement back, through a history that has already been lived and to the Wild West for the second time around. We have trampled ahead to the past in muddy boots, to the United States of late 19th century.

This spun western lets you take control of 6 original characters; choose from weapons new and strange and a wider range of modern contraptions with primitive power. Classic and innovative, undoubtedly original, every FPS player will find happiness with Warm Gun.

Emotional Robots has built Warm Gun around a specific keyword: innovation. Warm Gun’s blend of traditional and innovative gameplay elements and level design will peak the interest of both casual and hardcore players. Built using the award-winning Unreal Engine technology, Warm Gun features high-quality art and unique gameplay that puts a fresh spin on the first person shooter (FPS) genre.

Six Character Classes

Players choose from six character classes, each highly adaptable to suit different styles of game play. Not all FPS players are alike; Warm Gun appeals to a diverse gaming audience with a varying cast of easily recognizable and approachable characters.

Five Game Types

Warm Gun will feature five game types. The game’s customary modes include Capture the Flag (CTF), Death Match (DM) and Team Death Match (TDM); these modes are maximized by an insightful matching of character traits and architectural features, providing players with ideal territory for their favorite type of play. Warm Gun enhances the scope of game play by offering three highly unique game types: “Showdown”, “Great Escape”, and “Mad Cap”. These additional game types are Warm Gun exclusives, designed to reinforce the game’s thematic spin and increase the interactivity of game play.

Release Date: TBA