Goblin Garage Studios is proud to announce it’s first game, The Carnic Chronicles: The Life of Alexander Bailey. This revolutionary action / adventure game, using techniques that focus on interactive storytelling, will be the first in a series that covers the extraordinary life of Alexander Bailey.

The first game, Book One: “The Island,” is set in the 1950’s and finds the 16 year old Alexander in a new town. Being somewhat socially awkward but strong minded, Alexander finds himself placed in an “initiation rite” to prove himself and become accepted amongst the kids in his new school.

This initiation forces Alexander to spend the night in a dilapidated hotel on a haunted island. Here Alexander will come to realize he is trapped on a living island that has awoken with his presence. It will be up to the player to help Alexander keep his wits and make his way to freedom.

Through the narrative and game mechanics, players will dive deep into Alexander’s character and the world around him. This game is an exploration in narrative interactive mechanics. The goal of these mechanics is to pull out a more robust experience than is commonly associated with video games. Thus, providing a deeper meaning than is possible with any other medium.

“Elements of a video game, such as interactivity, can provide for a deeper experience with the exploration of both the character and world provided. These are things you can not get from a novel, a movie, or a comic book. Much like a child exploring their boundaries, the player will be exploring the story.” says Lance T Hildebrand, the developer of the game and The Master Goblin of Goblin Garage Studios. “The game will not focus on giving the player the ability to chose who Alexander becomes, but to explore who Alexander is and the world he finds himself in.”

The Carnic Chronicles is being developed using UDK and will be released in “chapters” episodically starting in Winter 2011.