Game: Guild Wars 2

Developer: ArenaNet

Publisher: NCsoft

Available On: PC

The moment ArenaNet fires its first ‘shot’ in the online ‘warfare, the whole fantasy world gets trembled. MMOs panic at the thought of being overshadowed by the ravishing story this newcomer weaves out and the lavish visual feast it promises for all fans. RPGs get antsy at the fears of being defeated by the thus triggered skill-packed, much more engaging and strategy-bounded combats which everybody can make a dent in and even manipulate for his/her own benefit. Guild Wars 2, However, with new non-human races and eight professions or classes, features a paw-dropping action, dynamic PVP,  higher level cap and online persistent world.

You don’t spend your monthly fees to play it. Would this time be a rare exception? Since most of the time, the biggest fuss turns out only a hype-up which fizzles out quickly as it is tested by gaming vets. Let’s check around a little bit first.

So here we are, right in the eye of the Guild Wars storm, and totally loose our cool. Wondering in this bizarrely-beautiful, life-oozing and war-blazing fantasy land, we couldn’t go a minute without gaping and gasping. Gee, what kind of innovative gaming minds and artistic brushes can make things this enthralling? While such an impeccable MMORPG experience makes other developers all fidget, it leaves us gamers, especially those dying for some real fighting stuff, with nothing but raptures and itchy hands!

ll thus make their way here to fight the Guild Wars 2. Hero comes in his classic loner look, face masked, swords on back and armors glistening. Rogues arrive in bands, with hordes of chopper-holding lackeys at heels ready to loot. Even monsters crawl out from the deepest forests to rock the killing party! Well, these war bugs clearly wouldn’t make a peaceful crowd, would they?

The release date of Guild Wars 2 will be set for Q2, 2011 and the Closed beta may be expected to start earlier than what we are expecting. Perhaps GW2 qualifies itself as the best MMORPG ever, and even the highly hyped sci-fi mmo Star Wars: The Old Republic will dwarf in front of Guild Wars2.

Although there is no information about the comparison with Funcom’s MMO The Secret World, and Blizzard’s dark horror RPG Diablo III,we have firm belief that Guild Wars will be in no way inferior to the market’s Giant World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

All are feverish about the coming battle, busy doing preps which they think are most right. Some plunder the weapon-smith for the sharpest gears; some mingle around for socializing to either “know thy enemy” or make possible alliance; others have already started local fights on to pick up new skills/tactics or simply do drills while the big day is counted down.

No one would get sidetracked during the Guild Wars 2. Various modes of real-time combats allow for a role of each knack out there, be it brutal strength, nimble skills, flexible strategies or seamless teamwork. PvP battling and PvE arena fighting, though soul-stirringly competitive, offers leveling fields for both war vets and the fresh recruits. Besides, you can always choose to brush off any challenges or turn to pick up on someone of your own level if running short of stamina or necessary skills to stand for a winning chance. Truly in Guild Wars, each dog fight his own way for its day!


Guild Wars 2, the much-acclaimed 3D fantasy war title, draws in the striking beauties of both MMO and RPG, offering a unique exploring-for-combat experience the gamers couldn’t let go easily.

Apart from tough instanced battling, skill pickup and tactics jockeying all help to pull things off more quickly and with less losses.

Huge world map leads you to dungeons, city hubs, wilderness and many other mysterious locations where challenges and fun walk neck by neck.

Play in solo or group, and all designs are tailored for the most broadest players.

Guild Wars respects no boundaries, and when it does rampage across your territory, dude, just tell me, ARE YOU READY for all the rocks and jolts?

Release Date: TBA